Protective device for feeding equipment



PURPOSE: To provide a protective device for feeding equipment which can surely detect the generation of an accident current, facilitate the maintenance, and stabilize the operation. CONSTITUTION: A current transformer 38 and a breaker 36 are connected to each of a supply circuit SC for supplying d.c. power to a d.c. bus DB and a d.c. circuit DC for supplying the d.c. power supplied to the d.c. bus DB further to respective feeding electric wires L, and further an auxiliary contact 56 for detecting the open and close state of the breaker 36 is provided for every breaker 36. A control device 18 performs the processing of unusual detection such as the ground fault detection of the d.c. bus DB, the reverse current detection of the supply circuit SC and the unbreakable detection of the breaker 36 on the basis of the detection result of the current transformer 38 and the auxiliary contact. As a result, since an arc detector and the like which are conventionally used for this kind of processing, have large aged deterioration and take time for maintenance become unnecessary, maintenance becomes easy and operation becomes stable.
(57)【要約】 【目的】 事故電流の発生を確実に検出でき、しかも保 全が容易で安定した動作が可能なき電設備の保護装置を 提供する。 【構成】 直流母線DBに直流電力を供給する供給回線 SC,および直流母線DBに供給された直流電力を更に 各き電線Lに供給する直流回線DCには、夫々、変流器 38と遮断器36とが接続され、更に各遮断器36毎に 遮断器36の開閉状態を検出する補助接点56が設けら れている。制御装置18は、変流器38および補助接点 56による検出結果に基づき、直流母線DBの地絡検 出、供給回線SCの逆流検出、遮断機36の遮断不能検 出といった異常検出処理を行う。この結果、従来この種 の処理のために用いられ、経年変化が大きく保全に手間 のかったアーク検知器等が不要となるため、保全が容易 になり動作も安定する。




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