Device and method for updating data



PURPOSE: To update data by a small device scale and in a short processing time by registration-processing management data continuously as making it into a time series by using a registering pointer, and deleting-processing the management data in regular order from the oldest one by using a deleting pointer. CONSTITUTION: In a retrieval table 14, a data address at which the data is stored is registered for every data to be stored in a data storage part 12. In a management table 16, an entry address at which entry data is registered and time at which the entry data is registered in the retrieval table are registered for every entry data to be registered in the retrieval table 14. The registering point (q) to be used in the management table indicates a management address at which the registration processing is executed, and when the management data is registered at the management address the registering pointer (q) indicates, it is increment-processed. Simultaneously, the deleting pointer (p) is increment-processed when the management data registered in the management address the deleting pointer (p) indicates is deleted.
(57)【要約】 【目的】小さな装置規模かつ僅かな処理時間でデータを 更新することができるデータ更新装置およびデータ更新 方法の提供。 【構成】データが任意のアドレスに記憶される記憶手段 と、前記データが記憶される前記記憶手段のアドレスお よび前記データの登録時刻を管理データとして記憶する 管理テーブルと、前記管理データをその登録時刻が時系 列をなすよう前記管理テーブルのアドレス順に連続して 登録処理する手段と、削除判定時間以上経過した最古の 管理データおよびこれに該当する前記データを順番に削 除処理する手段とを備えることにより、上記目的を達成 する。




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