Leak inspection apparatus of underground tank



(57)【要約】 【目的】 地下タンクの定期点検作業の効率化を図る。 【構成】 地下タンク50内を加圧あるいは減圧して該 地下タンク50内を判定開始圧力になった場合に圧力の 加減圧を停止する判定圧力検出手段(SP121〜124、160 〜163、200〜203、240〜243)と、圧力の加減圧停止か ら計時を開始した計時時間が漏洩判定時間に達したとき に計時を終了する判定時間計時手段(SP134、171、21 1、251)と、この計時中、地下タンク50内の圧力を監 視することにより該地下タンク50の漏洩の有無を判定 する漏洩判定手段(SP125〜138、164〜175、204〜215、 244〜255)と、漏洩判定手段の判定結果を出力する漏洩 判定終了手段(SP135、172、212、252)とを備える。
PURPOSE: To enhance the efficiency and accuracy of periodic inspection work by raising or reducing the pressure in an underground tank to set the same to a definite pressure state and subsequently measuring a pressure change within a predetermined time and automatically inspecting the presence of the leakage of the underground tank on the basis of the measured result. CONSTITUTION: A control part 1, an interface 3 and a pressure inspection part 5 are provided and the pressure inspection part 5 is arranged to the periphery of an underground tank 50 to be inspected. In the pressure inspection part 5, the change of the pressure in the underground tank 50 generated when the air in the underground tank 50 is discharged by a fine pressure reducing means 20 to reduce the pressure in the tank or nitrogen gas or water is supplied into the underground tank 50 by a fine pressurizing means 28 to raise the pressure in the tank is detected by a pressure transmitter 22. The detection signal is outputted to the control part 1 and, herein, the pressure in the underground tank 50 after the increase and decrease of pressure is stopped is monitored during the clocking of a predetermined judge time to judge the presence of the leakage of the underground tank 50 and the judge result is outputted.




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