Molding for tape sliding member



PURPOSE: To obtain a molding excellent in the sliding properties on a tape and other physical properties and suitably employed as a guide or post for traveling a magnetic tape by specifying the surface resistance and the average roughness on the center line. CONSTITUTION: The molding for tape sliding member is composed of polyallylene sulfide resin or liquid crystalline polyester resin composition mixed with 10-50wt.% (for the composition) of carbon fibers. The molding has surface resistance of 10<7> Ω or below and roughness on the center line (Ra) in the range of 0.5-10.0μm. Preferably, the resin composition further contains 5-40wt.% of talc or 5-30wt.% of fluororesin. This composition realizes a traveling post or guide having excellent characteristics in which the coefficient of friction is settled at a low value over a long time use from the initial stage, the tape and other members are protected against damage and trouble due to staticelectricity is eliminated.
(57)【要約】 【目的】 テープとの摺動特性及びその他の物性に優 れ、特に磁気テープ走行用ガイド又はポストとして好適 に使用されるテープ摺動部材用成形品を提供する。 【構成】 炭素繊維10〜50重量%(対組成物)を配合し た、ポリアリーレンサルファイド樹脂または液晶性ポリ エステル樹脂組成物からなり、その表面抵抗が10 7 Ω以 下であり、且つ中心線平均粗さ(Ra)が 0.5〜10.0μm であるテープ摺動部材用成形品。




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