Combined sign for specifying survey point



(57)【要約】 【目的】 本発明は、従来の測量点用標識の問題点を悉 く解消する測量点明示用組合せ標識の提供を目的とす る。 【構成】 胴部の直径が第1<第2<第3<第4の関係 にある鋲群と、第3と第4の鋲が兼用できる貫通孔を中 心部に有する円形または角形の不透明な第1の板と、第 3と第4の鋲が兼用できる貫通孔を中心部に有し、第1 の板との係合部を有する円形または角形の透明な第2の 板と、第1及び第2の鋲が兼用できる貫通孔を中心部に 有し、第1の板との係合部を有する円形または角形の透 明な第3の板とからなることを特徴とする測量点明示用 組合せ標識。
PURPOSE: To efficiently and economically realize a sign by using a plurality of kinds of circular or rectangular, opaque or transparent plates having through holes at central parts. CONSTITUTION: A group of first, second, third and fourth rivets representing the diametrical relationship of trunk parts in the order of the first < second <third < fourth are used. That is, the first rivet has a diameter and a total length of the trunk part of 4mm and 25mm, similarly, the second rivet having 5mm and 40mm, the third rivet having 8mm and 100mm, and the fourth rivet having 10mm and 200mm. A circular or rectangular opaque first plate 2 has a through hole 6 at a central part thereof. The third and fourth rivets can be used for the through hole 6. A circular or rectangular transparent second plate has a through hole at a central part thereof. The third and fourth rivets can be used for the hole. A circular or rectangular transparent third plate 4 has a through hole 5 allowing the use of the first and second rivets, and an engaging part 9 to the plate 2. For instance, when the plate 2 describing necessary items thereon is to be driven, the plate 4 is superposed and the first and second rivets are used. Accordingly, a sign can be maintained until it becomes unnecessary without the described items disappearing.




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