Walking type working vehicle



(57)【要約】 【目的】 主クラッチを切り操作しなければ前後進切換 が行えないように牽制するとともに、その牽制構造を簡 易なものとする歩行型作業機を提供する。 【構成】 操縦ハンドル5に主クラッチ入切切換用操作 具7及び前後進切換用操作具8をそれぞれ揺動操作自在 に設けた歩行型作業機であって、主クラッチ入切切換用 操作具7の操作に連係して揺動し、かつ変速操作用アー ム17の揺動支軸15に揺動自在に支持された第1牽制 具20と、前後進切換用操作具8の操作に連係して揺動 する第2牽制具22とを設け、主クラッチ入切切換用操 作具7が入り操作位置にあるとき、第2牽制具22に第 1牽制具20が干渉して該第2牽制具22の揺動を阻止 する位置と、主クラッチ入切切換用操作具7が切り操作 位置にあるとき、第1牽制具20が第2牽制具22の揺 動を許すように第2牽制具22の揺動軌跡から退避する 位置とにわたって揺動自在に第1牽制具20を設けてあ る。
PURPOSE: To restrain a vehicle from switching between forward and reverse motion unless a main clutch is released by providing a first restrainer in such a way that it oscillates freely between a position where it interferes with a second restrainer to stop the oscillation of the second restrainer and a position where it retreats from the track of oscillation to permit the oscillation of the second restrainer. CONSTITUTION: In an operating state in which a main clutch lever is on, a curved flange portion 21 at the end of the arm portion 20b of a first restrainer 20 enters the middle of the range of the track of oscillation which extends from the forward operating position to the reverse operating position of the end 22a of a second restrainer 22. Therefore, even if in this state a forward-to- reverse switch lever is operated in order to switch from forward motion to reverse motion, the end 22a abuts to the curved flange portion 21 to restrain further oscillation, thereby disabling the switching from forward to reverse motion. Therefore even if the forward-to-revere switching control is inadvertently operated while the main clutch is engaged, the vehicle is restrained from switching between forward and reverse motion. COPYRIGHT: (C)1996,JPO




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