Vibration absorption type fixing construction



(57)【要約】 【目的】 特に、作業性の良好な振動吸収式固定構造の 提供。 【構成】 パネルPと部品41Aとをマウントゴム1を 介在させて固定する場合に、マウントゴムは、一端部側 が連結された一対の挾持片1A・1Bを有し、該各挾持 片にボルトBを挿通する挿通孔3を形成して、当該挿通 孔以外の各挾持片の対向面間で部品を挾持すると共に、 当該マウントゴムを保持するホルダー21は、その一対 の保持片21A・21Bに上記各挿通孔と対応する開口 23を形成して、一方の保持片21Aの開口側にボルト のネジ面に係合する係合手段27を一体に設けることに より、ホルダー内に保持されたマウントゴムの各挾持片 の対向面間に部品をその断面形状に応じて挾持するだけ で、マウントゴムをホルダーと一緒に部品側に組み付け られ、そのまま、上記開口と挿通孔内に挿通されたボル トの先端部に係合手段を係合させるだけで、部品をパネ ル側に固定できる。
PURPOSE: To assemble a mount rubber together with a holder to a part side simply and surely by pinchedly holding the objective part between the opposed faces of the respective pinchedly holding pieces of the mount rubber held inside the holder. CONSTITUTION: When a panel P and a part 11A are fixed together by interposing a mount rubber 1, the mount rubber 1 is provided with pinchedly holding pieces 1A, 1B which are connected together at one end part. The pinchedly holding pieces 1A, 1B are formed with inserting through holes 3 through which a bolt B is inserted, and the part is pinchedly held between the opposed faces of the pinchedly holding pieces 1A, 1B except the holes 3. A holder 21 holding the mount rubber 1 is formed with openings 23 corresponding to the respective inserting through holes 3 on the respective holding pieces 21A, 21B, and an engaging means 27 engaging with the threaded face of the bolt B is integratedly provided on the opening side of the one holding piece 21A. By only pinchedly holding the part 4 between the pinchedly holding pieces 1A, 1B, the mount rubber 1 together with the holder 21 are assembled to the part side simply and surely. COPYRIGHT: (C)1996,JPO




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