Amorphous polyolefin emulsion



PURPOSE: To obtain an amorphous polyolefin emulsion consisting essentially of an acid-modified amorphous polyolefin and a surfactant, having small dispersed particles and good storage stability and having tacky film-forming ability after coating and drying. CONSTITUTION: This emulsion consists essentially of (A) an acid-modified amorphous polyolefin and (B) a surfactant. The component A is obtained by subjecting an amorphous polyolefin comprising polypropylene, propylene-ethylene copolymer, etc. and having ≤10wt.% content insoluble in boiled n-heptane and 1500-100000 number-average molecular weight to graft polymerization with (anhydrous) maleic acid or (anhydrous) itaconic acid and has preferably 10-100 mgKOH/g acid value. The amount of the component B added is preferably 1-30 pts.wt. based on 100 pts.wt. of the component A. Furthermore, water content in the emulsion is generally 3-90wt.%. COPYRIGHT: (C)1996,JPO
(57)【要約】 【構成】 酸変性非晶質ポリオレフィンと界面活性剤と を必須成分とする塗布乾燥後に粘接着性皮膜形成能を有 する乳化物。 【効果】 本発明の乳化物は、分散粒子が小さく保存安 定性が良好であり、塗布乾燥後に粘接着性皮膜形成能を 有する。




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