Device and method for manufacturing elliptical metal carrier for catalyst device



(57)【要約】 【目的】 本発明は、形状一定で排気ガス流に対する抵 抗物を含まずかつ製作容易な楕円形状のハニカム体をな す触媒装置用メタル担体を提供する。 【構成】 ほぼ矩形で薄い板状の硬い2枚の巻芯板10 の一辺11に、3個の凸部aと2個の凹部bを形成す る。対辺12に設けた軸くび13を軸受14で保持し て、凹部の底辺間の距離cを板材の巾dを収容しうる寸 法にとり、巻芯板10を回転可能に設ける。重ね合わせ た波板材1と平板材2の端縁eを、凸部aと凹部bにく ぐらせて板材の巻き始めの部分を形成し、巻芯板10を 回転させて板材を巻き取った後巻芯板10を左右から抜 き取れば、楕円形をなすハニカム体3が得られる。楕円 形の偏平率を変更するには凹凸部15の寸法fを加減し て得られる。
PURPOSE: To provide a metal carrier for a catalyst device of constant shape forming a honeycomb body of elliptical shape to be manufactured easily which contains no resistant matters to exhaust gas flow. CONSTITUTION: Three projected sections (a) and two recessed sections (b) are formed on one sides 11 of two core tube plates 10, almost rectangular and of thin plate shape. Shaft necks 13 formed on opposite sides 12 are supported by a bearing 14, and the distance (c) between the bottom sides of the recessed sections is formed into the size for storing the width (d) of a plate material, and core tube plates 10 are set rotatably. The end edge (e) of a corrugated material 1 and a plane plater material 2 laminated together are passed through the projected sections (a) and recessed sections (b) to form winding start section of the plate material, and the end edges are wound on the plate material by rotating the core tube plates 10, and then the core tube plates 10 are drawn out from the left and right to form an elliptical honeycomb body 3. For varying the flattening rate of ellipsis, the dimensions (f) of the recessed and projected sections 15 are adjusted. COPYRIGHT: (C)1996,JPO




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