Detection of shorts between element wire conductors of winding of rotary electric machine



PURPOSE: To provide a method for detecting shorts between element wire conductors of a winding of a rotating electric machine by which shorts between the element wire conductors of the winding which has a Roebel transposition can be detected in any process of winding manufacturing. CONSTITUTION: Both ends of a stator winding 3 which has a Roebel transposition 2 wherein an element wire conductor 1 is dislocated 360° are brought in a continuity to each other. In end sections L 2 and L 3 of this winding, magnetic fluxes which have the same amount of magnetic fluxes but are 180° out of phase with each other are interlinked. By this method, a magnetic flux in an iron core slot which is generated by circulating currents I 2 and I 3 which flow due to the appearance of a shorted section 4 where element wire conductors 12 and 14 have a continuity is detected. COPYRIGHT: (C)1996,JPO
(57)【要約】 【目的】レーベル転位を施した巻線の素線導体間の短絡 を巻線製造工程のどの段階でも検出可能な回転電機巻線 の素線導体間の短絡検出方法を提供することにある。 【構成】素線導体1を360度転位させたレーベル転位 2を有する固定子巻線3の両端部を互いに導通させて、 この巻線のエンド部L 2 とL 3 に互いに同一磁束量で1 80度位相が異なるような磁束を鎖交させることによ り、素線導体12と14とが導通する短絡部4の発生に より流れる循環電流I 2 とI 3 とにより生成される鉄心 スロット部の磁束を、鉄心15に巻線17を巻回させた 磁束検出用コイルにより検知するようにする。




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