Image recorder



(57)【要約】 【目的】 記録開始時における被記録材の温度や湿度に 対処して常に良好な画像記録が可能な画像記録装置を提 供する。 【構成】 被記録材(103)上に温度および/または 湿度により可逆的に色変化するシート状態検出部(60 4)を設け、送給中の被記録材上の上記検出部から読み 取った色変化を読取手段(3)により読み取り、その色 変化から温度および/または湿度を検知して、これらに 対応して画像の転写ないし定着にかわる条件を変更する ように制御手段(1)により制御する。
PURPOSE: To obtain a device capable of always recording an excellent image by changing a recording condition coping with temperature and humidity at the time of starting record. CONSTITUTION: The image recorder is composed of a one chip microcomputer(CPU) 1 incorporating a ROM, an external device 2, a detecting means (scanner) 3 for scanning a cut sheet to detect a state, a main motor control part 4 for a main motor 5 driving each part to enable the record, a recording control part 6 for attaining the record on the cut sheet, based on data from the external device 2, etc. Then, the image recorder is provided with a sheet state detecting part reversibly changed in color with the temperature and/or humidity related to environment on a material to be recorded, a reading means reading a color change caused by it from the sheet state detecting part on the fed material to be recorded and a control means detecting the temperature and/or humidity from the read color change and executing control so as to change a condition related to the transfer and fixation of the image, in accordance with the detected temperature and/or humidity. COPYRIGHT: (C)1996,JPO




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