Improvements in or relating to Hammering Machines


1,170,512. Hammering; straightening. FIRTH BROWN TOOLS Ltd. 1 Aug., 1967 [4 Jan., 1967], No. 455/67. Headings B3E and B3H. A hammering machine for cold hammering strips or plates, has an anvil B for supportng the workpiece A, and a reciprocating hammer F rotatable about its axis and having a flat elongated face I. The machine is used for straightening or flattening strips or plates and/or relieving stresses therein. Hammer F is actuated by a spring or springs N whose force is adjustable by a screw P; the hammer is raised by a cam or crank-shaft and a lever. Alternatively the hammer may be reciprocated by compressed air, steam or hydraulic fluid. For rotating the hammer, its shank is slidably keyed to a ring K which is rotated by a handle M or by mechanical means. A hardened steel head G is attached to the hammer and has a flat working face I of rectangular shape, Fig. 2 (not shown). When hammering a heavy plate, the latter may be additionally supported on rollers.




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