Quinoline Derivatives


1,168,105. Antiparasitic compositions. IMPERIAL CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES Ltd. 16 July, 1968 [21 Aug., 1967], No. 38463/67. Heading A5B. [Also in Division C2] Veterinary and pharmaceutical compositions contain as active ingredient a compound of formula having anti-coccidial or antimalarial activity, wherein R<SP>1</SP> is alkyl, R<SP>2</SP> and R<SP>3</SP> are each H or alkyl, and R<SP>4</SP> is alkyl (at least C 6 when both R<SP>2</SP> and R<SP>3</SP> are alkyl), aryloxyalkyl or aralkyl, the aryl nucleus of which may be halogen-or alkyl-substituted. The veterinary compositions may be in the form of concentrated food premixes or medicated foodstuffs, and may contain known coccidiostats, anthelmintics, growth promoters, antibacterials or tranquilisers. The pharmaceutical compositions may be in the form of tablets, capsules, or (possibly sterile) aqueous or oily suspensions or emulsions, and preferably are injectable compositions providing a depot from which the quinoline derivative is relaxed over an extended period; also present may be other antimalarial agents such as proguanil, the derived dihydro-s-triazine, pyrimethamine, p,p<SP>1</SP>-diaminodiphenyl sulphone, chloroquine or primaquine.




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