Electrical Connectors


1,166,763. Two-part couplings. FORD MOTOR CO. Ltd. 11 Jan., 1967, No. 1512/67. Heading H2E. An electrical connector comprises interfitting plug and socket members both having at least one contact, the or at least one contact including a fuse, and either the plug or socket is mounted in an aperture in a supporting member. As shown in Fig. 1, a fuse 25 is located adjacent an outside wall of a plug 1 and is resiliently supported between two protruding parts 9a and 9b of a contact 9. A socket 2, Fig. 4, is mounted in an aperture in a bulkhead 42 by means of a resilient flange 43 and annular groove 40. Both the plug and socket are substantially L-shaped and are made of thermoplastics material, and the fuse or fuses may be mounted on the socket.




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