Substituted Thiocyano Pyrroles, Fungicidal preparations containing these Compounds as Active Ingredients and methods of using the same

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Philips Nv
  • Publication Date: October 08, 1969
  • Publication Number: GB-1166110-A


1,166,110. Substituted thiocyano pyrroles as fungicides and pharmaceuticals. N. V. PHILIPS' GLOEILAMPENFABRIEKEN. 20 Dec., 1966 [20 Dec., 1965], No. 56954/66. Headings A5B and A5E. [Also in Division C2] Pharmaceuticals, fungicides and antiseptics comprise novel oompaunds of the general formula:- in which R 1 is H, a straight, branched or cyclic hydrocarbon chain with possibly an amino group or a halogen group, an ester "or a hydroxyalkyl group, R 2 and R 5 both or one of the two is a thiocyano group and the other a hydrogen atom or an acyl group and R 3 and R 4 are selected from hydroxy alkyl groups, hydrogen atoms or alkyl groups, their salts, or mixtures alone or with a solid or liquid inert carrier material or excipients and if desired surface active agents and/or dispersing agents or together with a therapeutically acceptable carrier. The compounds are made by reacting substituted pyrroles with thiocyanogen. (see Division C2).




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