Soap Plodding

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Colgate Palmolive Co
  • Publication Date: September 04, 1969
  • Publication Number: GB-1163254-A


1,163,254. Extrusion dies; extruding soap. COLGATE-PALMOLIVE CO. 15 May, 1968 [16 May, 1967], No. 23055/68. Heading B5A. The cross-sectional area of a continuously extruded bar of soap is adjusted to give a desired weight of soap per predetermined unit length of the extruded bar by the provision on a conventional soap plodder of an adjustable die mechanism 27. This mechanism comprises plates 28, 29 which together define an extrusion aperture 60, plate 28 being laterally movable relative to plate 29 which is fixed to the die head. The plates have overlapping portions 31, 32, Fig. 6, portions 32 of plate 28 having elongated slots 34 which co-operate with bolts 36 screwed into portions 31, see also Figs. 7 and 8 (not reproduced). Movement of plate 28 is effected by rotation of a knob 51, Fig. 5, having a shank 49 which threadingly engages a projection 45 fixed to the plate. A vernier scale (62), Figs. 1-3 (not shown), may be provided on knob 51 calibrated, e.g. in terms of soap volume or density. Plate 29 is fixed to a housing 19, Fig. 5, and the housing is provided with handles (22), Fig. 2 (not shown), to facilitate fitting of housing 19 to head (13) by means of bayonet connections (16, 17). Hot or cold fluid may be circulated in head (13).




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