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  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Tridair Industries
  • Publication Date: August 27, 1969
  • Publication Number: GB-1162582-A


1,162,582. Stacking articles on pallets. TRIDAIR INDUSTRIES. 6 March, 1967 [7 March, 1966], No. 10512/67. Heading B8C. A layer of articles formed on a roller platform 22 (Fig. 3) is pushed from the platform on to a stripper plate 28 (Fig. 7) which is simultaneously moved from beneath the platform 22, and the stripper plate is subsequently retracted so that the articles are stripped from it to fall on a stack supported on a pallet carried by a support 3 which is lowered in steps controlled, in the form shown, by a pendant plate 49. The pallet is previously delivered to the support 3 from a magazine: in the construction illustrated the magazine (106) (Fig. 4, not shown) delivers pallets singly to a roller table 5 (Fig. 3) raised and lowered in synchronism with the support 3, through a smaller stroke, so that the rollers 100, 71 may be driven simultaneously, when both supports are lowered, to discharge a loaded pallet and to replace it by an empty pallet. A stop 92 is gravity biased so that it will stop an empty pallet, even when the rollers 71 are driven, but will permit a loaded pallet to pass under these conditions. The articles to be stacked are delivered by an endless belt (6) (Fig. 2, not shown) to a roller table 13 where an operator marshals them and then pushes them on to the roller table 20 by means of a pusher 14. The articles are subsequently pushed from the roller 22, on operation of a switch by the operator, by pushers 36 which automatically rise to the position illustrated when they have cleared a transverse bar 40 (Fig. 7). Limit switches determining the sequence of operation may be overridden by the operator when he wishes a partially loaded pallet to be delivered. A tension-sensing device in the drive chain raising and lowering the pallet support 3 stops the lowering if the support jams.




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