Clothes Washer Machine

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Gen Motors Corp
  • Publication Date: August 20, 1969
  • Publication Number: GB-1162068-A


1,162,068. Change speed gear. GENERAL MOTORS CORP. 8 June, 1967 [10 June, 1966], No. 26494/67. Heading F2D. [Also in Division D1] The tub 14 of a washing and spin-drying machine is driven by an electric motor 56 at high and low speeds through friction drive rollers controlled by a solenoid mechanism, a motor-speed responsive switch 166 controlling the solenoid 88 to prevent the tub from being driven at high speed during initial acceleration. The circuit of solenoid 88 comprises a manual spin speed switch 154, the micro switch 98 of unbalance detector 95 and centrifugal switch 166 which closes when motor 56 reaches a predetermined speed. A shaft housing 48, supported on a resilient member 50 mounted on container base 24, contains a hollow shaft 52 secured to the base of tub 14, within which is a vertically reciprocatable a shaft 54 secured to an agitator 16. The reversible two-speed motor 56 and hollow drive shaft 58 are mounted at the bottom end of housing 48. Integral with the lower end of shaft 58 are large and small diameter rollers 60, 62. During reciprocation of the agitator 16, a roller 64 is pulled into drive engagement by a looped spring 66 with roller 62, which is driven clockwise, and with an agitate wheel 68. When the motor is reversed the tub can be driven at low speed from roller 62 through roller 70 engaging roller 74 at the bottom of shaft 52 and at high speed from roller 78 and drum 76. Rollers 70, 78 are mounted on a lever arm 80 forming part of a pivoted linkage 82 biased by spring 91 to lowspeed position and movable to high-speed position by solenoid 88. The drive motor 56 includes phase winding 102 and four- and sixpole windings 104, 106. Winding 102 is connected to blades 108, 110 of control switch 111 which are movable respectively to engage contacts 112, 114 and 116, 118 to reverse the polarity across winding 102 and thus reverse the rotation of motor 56. Switch 111 is connected to centrifugal start switch 124 which maintains winding 102 in series with four-pole main winding 104 until the motor 56 reaches a predetermined speed when winding 102 is cut out of the motor circuit. In the circuit of windings 104, 106 there is provided a timer-operated speed selector switch 126.




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