Improvements in Riveting.


1,161,847. Riveting. METAL BOX CO. Ltd. 28 March, 1968 [31 July, 1967], No. 35120/67. Heading B3U. [Also in Divisions B8 and F2] A rivet has a solid head 1, an enlarged shank 2 and a shank 3 having an annular portion 5. The rivet is made of metal such as copper or soft steel and a skiving tool is used to outwardly turn a portion of the shank 2 so that material surrounding a hole in which the rivet is inserted is clamped between the underside 4 of the head and the outwardly turned portion of the shank. The annular portion 5 is also outwardly turned to clamp other material between it and the outwardly turned portion of the shank 2.




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