Stabilization of Cellulose Derivatives


1,160,210. Stabilized cellulose derivatives. EASTMAN KODAK CO. 12 July, 1968 [17 July, 1967], No. 33315/68. Heading C3A. A nitrogen-containing cellulose derivative which is the reaction product of an unsaturated cellulose ether, ester or ether-ester with an organic base containing at least one replaceable H-atom bonded to an N-atom, is stabilized against spontaneous insolubility in common organic solvents by the addition thereto of an organic antioxidant, suitably in an amount of 0À05-5% by weight. Specified antioxidants are butylated hydroxy-toluene, p-methoxyphenol (both preferred), p-t-butyl-phenol, tbutyl - hydroquinone, hydroquinone, thymol, 2,S - bis - (1,1 - dimethylpropyl) - hydroquinone and mixtures thereof. Many interactable unsaturated cellulose compounds and organic bases are listed. Cellulose acetate morpholinobutyrate and cellulose propionate morpholinocrotonate are specified reaction products. Cellulose propionate morpholinocrotonate is made by heating the propionate-crotonate with morpholine using glacial acetic acid as catalyst. Cellulose acetate morpholinobutyrate is made analogously.




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