Emulsion Paint

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Rhone Poulenc Sa
  • Publication Date: July 23, 1969
  • Publication Number: GB-1158867-A


1,158,867. Coated substrates. RHONEPOULENC S.A. 6 Feb., 1968 [6 Feb., 1967], No. 5843/68. Heading B2K. [Also in Division C3] A surface, e.g. a plate of cement mixed with asbestos fibres, a plaster plate or a rigid support of vinyl acetate/vinyl chloride copolymer, is coated with an emulsion paint comprising, in addition to pigments and fillers, an aq. dispersion of a copolymer of 45-60% by wt. of butyl maleate and vinyl chloride, which copolymer has a reduced viscosity, at 25‹C in a 5 g/l. solution in cyclohexanone, of 10-60 ml./g., and a particle size below 5 Á. In examples the paint contained (1) water, an ethylene oxide/aromatic condensate, hydroxyethyl-cellulose, sodium hexametaphosphate, an anti-foamer based on paraffin oil, TiO 2 , talc, CaCO 3 , BaSO 4 hexabutyl-di-stannoxane, sodium benzoate and the copolymer; (3) also lithozone containing zinc sulphide and (4) butyl phthalate also.




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