Automatic Chain-Controlled Pattern Changing Apparatus for Warp Knitting Machines


1,158,408. Knitting-machines. WIRKMASCHINEN-FABRIK WILHELM BARFUSS G.m.b.H. 20 Dec., 1966 [23 Dec., 1965], No. 56885/66. Heading D1C. In a warp knitting machine the shogging of each guide bar is controlled by a series of cam follower levers 9 selectively brought into engagement with tracks of a main pattern chain 6, by means of an auxiliary chain 34. For controlling one guide bar, each of several levers 9, having follower rollers 8, are connected to one common ram 17 connected to the guide bar, and pivoted to an individual second lever 11. The lower end of lever 11 of an operative lever 9 is forced against a fixed stop 14 by a cam on auxiliary multitrack chain 34 via lever system 13, 37, 36. Lever 11 therefore provides a fixed pivot for the follower lever 9 which controls the shogging movement by means of main chain 6. Inoperative levers 9 are maintained clear of the pattern chain by their auxiliary lever systems which engage low cams on chain 34, when a new track is to be read the end of the corresponding lever 11 is urged towards stop 14 by the auxiliary lever system and the previously operative follower lever disengaged. Stops on the auxiliary chain bring the next lever 11 gradually towards the stop 14 over several courses, depending on the relative height of the two tracks.




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