Improvements in Combined Puzzle and Game Appliances.


115,780. Gandell, W. R. K. Jan. 3, 1918. Puzzles. - In an appliance which may serve as a puzzle or be used as a game by one person at a time, and of the kind comprising a box a which may have a transparent lid c and contains a ball track with obstacles, preferably adjustable, and one or more pockets to receive the balls, the box is divided by partitions d, e into an end compartment or receiving pocket g, an intermediate compartment with a raised track f level with the top of the partition d or of varying height, and another end compartment with a platform i, level with the track f and communicating therewith through an opening e<1> in the pattern e, partitions h, a ramped path j, and a starting-pocket k for one or more balls l. The obstacles may be in the form of barriers, ramps, or pegs, adjustable in position along the track or with respect thereto; the obstacles n are formed of wire with a cranked arm n' mounted friction-tight in a seating f<1> in the track f so that their inclination with respect to the track may be adjusted, either by turning them after the lid is removed or by manipulating their lower ends, which may be cranked at n<2>, through an opening o<1> in a false bottom o below the bottom b of the box. Partitions may divide the sides of the intermediate compartment into ball-receiving pockets, and all the pockets may be numbered.




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