Transistor Deflection Control Arrangements for Television Equipment

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Rca Corp
  • Publication Date: July 09, 1969
  • Publication Number: GB-1157723-A


1,157,723. Transistor sawtooth circuits. RADIO CORPORATION OF AMERICA. 5 May, 1966 [14 May, 1965], No. 19895/66. Heading H3T. The subject-matter of this Specification is substantially the same as that described in Specification 1,157,721, but the claims are concerned with a vertical deflection circuit for a television receiver comprising a transistor amplifier having a negative feedback path including a capacitor, the amplifier input being connected via an impedance to a point of reference potential, a semi-conductor switching device being connected to the input of the amplifier for periodically alternating charging and discharging of the capacitor and means for deriving a spiked sawtooth waveform from the output of the amplifier, the waveform being integrated and applied to the switching device in the form of a parabolic waveform so that the device is switched on by a steeply sloping waveform.




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