Improved Cleaning Device for Window and Wall Surfaces


1,154,983. Window cleaning apparatus. F. W. HETMAN. 4 April, 1967 [27 May, 1966], No. 15465/67. Heading A4F. Apparatus for cleaning the window and wall surfaces of a building comprises a support structure 30, 32, 36 having pairs of rollers for engaging opposite sides of flanges or like extensions disposed alongside the surface to be cleaned, one roller of each pair being shown in Fig. 8 as rollers 232, 234, 236, 238, 308, 310, 312, and 314, reservoirs 350, 352 from which liquid is pumped by pumps 332 and 334 (not shown) to be discharged on to the surface to be cleaned through a perforated pipe 360 and spray heads 380, a rotary brush 358 for brushing the said surface, squeegees 422, 424, 436 and an absorbent roller 390 for removing water from said surface, the reservoir 350 being for collecting used water, and a motor (323) (Fig. 9, not shown) for driving the above mentioned rollers for propelling the apparatus over the surface to be cleaned.




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