Improvements in or relating to Fluid Control Valves

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Dole Valve Co
  • Publication Date: June 11, 1969
  • Publication Number: GB-1154708-A


1,154,708. Valves. DOLE VALVE CO. 8 July, 1966 [13 Sept., 1965], No. 30890/66. Heading F2V. A valve has a body with an inlet 6 and outlet 7, a plate 9 with at least one port 15 therein, a raised land 49 formed around the port 15, a plate 16 also having at least one port 17 formed therein, and means, e.g. a thermal element 25, or a manual screw 40, for rotating the plate 16 relative to the plate 9 to control flow through the valve. The plate 16 is mounted on a spindle 18 and rotatively locked therewith by a lever 19. The element 25 has an extensible member 26 which acts on an H-shaped translation member 30 moving between rails 31 and 32. The member 30 has a plate 33 with a slot 36 to engage a lever 37 fast with the spindle 18, and moves against a return spring 38. The element 25 is actuated by electrical heating coils 27, controlled by a remote thermostat, not shown. Overshooting of the thermal element is controlled by a switch 50 in the heating coil circuit controlled by an actuator 46 on the H-member 30. If current to the heaters 27 fails the H-member 30 may be moved by the screw 40. Reference has been directed by the Comptroller to Specification 1,019,999.




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