Device for Supplying Livestock with Water or other Liquid


1,154,496. Valves. G. RESTALL. 7 March, 1968 [7 March, 1967; 22 June, 1967], Nos. 10636/67 and 28872/67. Heading F2V. [Also in Division A1] An animal drinking device comprises a housing wherein a moveable valve member, e.g. in the form of a resilient disc, is in communication with a valve supporting member incorporating a liquid outlet passage, and is held against a valve orifice by means of resilient sealing means. Rocking movement of the valve supporting member 16 against resilient closing means 21, Fig. 1, causes liquid to flow through orifice 14 and slots 19 into the passage 18. In the embodiment of Fig. 3, the valve member 53 is disengaged by axial movement of valve supporting member 55. The animal pushes against nose plate 61 causing pivotal movement about pin 62.




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