Improvements in or relating to the Vulcanisation of Nitroso-Rubbers


1,153,491. Vulcanization of nitroso-rubbers. MINISTER OF TECHNOLOGY. 13 April, 1967 [31 Jan., 1966], No. 4118/66. Heading C3P. Raw nitroso-rubber, i.e. a copolymer of a fluorinated nitrosoalkane and a fluorinated alkene, is heated in admixture with carbon black at a temperature between 150‹ and 250‹ C. until the evolution of gas ceases (24 to 48 hours) and the resulting composition is vulcanized by heating it in the presence of a vulcanizing agent. The nitroso-rubber is exemplified by a 50/50 copolymer of trifluoronitroso methane and tetrafluoro-ethylene, the vulcanizing agent by hexamethylene diamine carbamate or triethylene tetramine.




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