Improvements in or relating to Electric Battery Lamps


1,151,557. Electric battery lamp. GENERAL ELECTRIC CO. Ltd. 8 May, 1968 [23 May, 1967], No. 23829/67. Heading F4R. [Also in Division H1] An electric battery lamp having a closed casing with a removable cap, has two pairs of contacts both of which must be closed to energize the lamp, one of the pairs of contacts and the cap being arranged such that the cap cannot be removed without disengaging that contact. A polythene casing has a thin flexible diaphragm 9 adjacent to which are two pairs of contacts C1 and C2 mounted on a polythene plate 10. A sliding switch 16 is provided to operate C1 whilst C2 is closed by rotating member 28 through 180 degrees which also moves finger 26 up into one of a number of recesses 27 in the edge of the cap 4. Member 28 is provided with an eccentric groove (29) and a raised portion (35) which actuate finger 26 and contact C2, respectively (Figs. 2, 4 and 5, not shown). The cap 4 is provided with a glass cover-plate 5 and a gland 7 which ensures a water-tight seal. The lower end of the casing is provided with a carrying loop (Figs. 1, 6 and 7, not shown).




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