Mixtures containing Stabilized Silanes


1,151,189. Stabilizing alkoxy- and phenoxysilanes. BADISCHE ANILIN- & SODAFABRIK A.G. 23 Aug., 1966 [24 Aug., 1965], No. 37660/66. Headings C3S and C3T. Alkoxy- and phenoxymono-, di- and polysilanes which may be substituted by alkyl groups and which contain -Si-H or -Si-Sibonds are stabilized by mixing, with the silane, a liquid or gaseous acid substance. The acid substance is preferably incorporated in 0À01 to 10% amounts by weight of the total mixture. The silanes are generally obtained by the action of alcohols and phenols on finely divided silicon; examples of monosilanes H a Si(OR) 4-a wherein a is 1, 2 or 3 and R is an alkyl or phenyl group, include HSi(OCH 3 ) 3 , (Ph-O) 3 SiH; di-silanes of the general formula H a Si(OR) 3-a Si(OR) 3-b H b are exemplified by HSi(OCH 3 ) 2 -Si(OCH 3 ) 2 - H(CH 3 O) 3 Si-Si(OCH 3 ) 3 (a, b are each 0, 1, 2 or 3); polysilanes may have the general formula H-[HSiOR] n -OR where n is an integer from 3 to about 30. The acid substances used as stabilizers include hydrogen halides, halosilanes, urea hydrochloride, acetyl chloride, hemiesters of sulphuric acid, sulphur halides, phosphorus halides, aluminium halides, boron halides, and potassium hydrogen sulphate, all in liquid or gaseous form.




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