Method and Apparatus for Manufacturing Tightly Filled Bag Packages


1,150,676. Filling bags. O. HOFLIGER and R. KARG, [trading as HOFLIGER & KARG]. 5 May, 1967 [17 May, 1966], No. 20903/67. Heading B8C. A closed and filled bag is lifted by its upper edge between a pair of sealing jaws until the contents of the bag bear against the underside of the jaws, whereupon the jaws effect a seal. An air escape passage is provided in the bag at the station where the bag was filled and closed. In the form described, the bag is lifted by jaws 12, 13, Fig. 3 carried upon a pivotable arm 8. When the bag 1 is located upon platform 24, the arm 8 pivots downwards and the jaws grip the top of the bag. As the arm moves upwardly, welding jaws 25 move together and effect the seal when the filling material lays against their underside. A knife 29 then severs the bag from jaws 12, 13. The jaws are opened and closed from a reciprocating cam 18. The resultant seam may be folded and pressed against the side of the bag by a heated punch. At the prior filling station, the bag is sealed along its upper edge and the top of the bag wall is slit to provide an air escape passage. Alternatively this may be achieved by having an incomplete upper edge seal. The bag is vibrated during its passage from the filling station to the lifting and final sealing station.




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