Insulated light transmitting panel improvement


1,145,057. Laminates. BUTLER MFG. CO. 6 July, 1966 [25 Aug., 1965], No. 30379/66. Heading B5N. [Also in Division E1] A laminate suitable for skylights (see Division E1) comprises a squeezed film body of uniform thickness composed of loosely interconnected glass or other reinforcing fibres impregnated with a liquid resin, e.g. unsaturated polyester resins modified with vinyl aeromatic (styrene) or acrylic and vinyl aeromatic monomers, using catalysts if desired to aid in curing the resin, e.g. in 20-60 minutes at from 150‹ to 300‹ F., pigments or dyes being added to the mixture. This film body is contacted with a continuously drawn preformed film of polyvinyl fluoride and passed together through the squeeze rolls, the fluoride film having a bond-permitting contacting surface, e.g. microscopic irregularities, or a thin coating of titanium oxide, air bubbles being removed by manually wiping the wet laminate with wire squeegees. Suitable lengths of the wet uncured laminate are stacked between upper and lower lightweight caul plates to impart to the plates the final cross-sectional configuration desired. The plates are then passed through a curing oven, pressure being applied if necessary.




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