Method of and apparatus for opening film cartridges

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  • Assignees: Eastman Kodak Co
  • Publication Date: March 05, 1969
  • Publication Number: GB-1144435-A


1,144,435. Unpackaging. EASTMAN KODAK CO. 6 April, 1966 [8 April, 1965], No. 15329/66. Heading B8C. [Also in Division G2] Exposed photographic films are removed for processing from permanently sealed plastic cartridges consisting of a plastic box-like member having an open end in which a roll of film is confined by a plastic cover member sealed to said open end by rupturing the seal between the two members and then pulling the two members progressively apart from the ruptured seal to the opposite edge which acts as a hinge. In an embodiment a cartridge (C) (Figs. 1 and 2, not shown) as described in Specification 1,096,300, comprising a box like member 10 having recesses (18) and a flanged bottom (13) to which is sealed a cover 11 forming a flange 12, is fed (Figs. 3 and 4, not shown) from a tray (39) to a table (40) of a cartridge opening apparatus, and is transported by a pusher (74) of a ram (70) between a fixed plate 50 and a hinged platform 43, the plate and platform are spaced apart so that the flange (14) of the cartridge bottom (13) engages the edges of a notch (52) in plate 50 and the flange 12 engages a pair of offset clamps 45 on the platform 43 (Fig. 5); the platform 43 is also provided with a pair of blades 47 and a serrated plate 48 which rupture the seal between the box-like and cover members of the cartridge as it is pushed between the plate 50 and platform 43; the platform 43 is then lowered about its pivots 44 by a handle 60 to sever the cover member 11 from the box-like member 10 until they are only joined at a single edge (20) which acts as a hinge; the film F is then removed from opened cartridge, a hinged notched plate 59 being provided to prevent the spool on which the film is wound being pulled off or rotated too fast; when the film has been removed the platform 43 is again raised and the empty cartridge ejected by fingers 105 which engage the recesses (18) in the cartridge; a latch member 66 on plate 50 maintains the platform 43 in its raised position, the latch being released by an entering cartridge an electrical circuit operated by a cam (91) for controlling the apparatus is described, (Fig. 7, not shown). In another embodiment (Figs. 8-11, not shown), the seal is broken with a heated knife (150) and the opened cartridge is heat set in an open position so that the film may be removed from the cartridge outside the cartridge opening apparatus.




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