Improvements in or relating to the surface treatment of concrete roads and the like


1,143,953. Road surface treatment machines. ROBERT MCGREGOR & SONS Ltd. 24 May, 1966 [31 May, 1965], No. 23050/65. Heading E1G. In machines for treating road surfaces, particularly brushing wet concrete, a road spanning frame supported on road wheels at each side carries treatment means moved in timed relation to the frame such that treatment is effected substantially at right angles to the direction of movement of the machine along the road surface. The frame carries an oblique chain conveyor carrying a plurality of brushes, the conveyor being driven by the same electric motor as that driving the road wheels and the brushes being spaced to sweep immediately adjacent sections of the surface. Spraying means for a hardener is mounted for reciprocation at the rear of the machine frame. Electric power for driving and spray pump motors is provided by a generator carried on the frame.




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