Improvements in, or relating to, transporters for stillages and like load-carrying appliances


1,138,831. Transporters. ABELSON MOTORS Ltd. 7 April, 1966 [9 Jan., 1965], No. 1064/65. Heading B8E. A transporter comprises a wheeled chassis provided with a plurality of telescopic, hydraulic jacks or rams 2, Fig. 1, each of which extends through and is slidable in a vertical sleeve (10), Figs. 2, 3 (not shown), mounted on the chassis, the jacks or rams being adapted, when extended, to lower their bottom ends until they contact the ground and then to raise their top ends until they contact and lift any load carrying appliance, e.g. a stillage 20, supported on the chassis. The latter comprises channel members 1 mounted on springs (not shown) and having secured thereto transversely extending platforms 5 carrying cheeks 7, 8 on which are rotatably mounted the sleeves (10), the platforms 5 being apertured at (6) for passage therethrough of the top ends of the jacks or rams 2. Each sleeve (10) comprises two semi-cylindrical halves detachably secured together and embracing the cylinder 12 of a corresponding jack or ram 2, the top of the cylinder 12 having a plate (15) for engaging the stillage 20 and the piston-rod 16 carrying, by means of a spherical universal joint, a foot 17 for engaging the ground. The stillage 20 has pivoted legs adapted to be swung from a horizontal position to a vertical, operative position, e.g. as described in Specification 1,044,299, so that after being raised by the jacks or rams 2 it can be supported on its legs, the jacks or rams being then disengaged from the stillage and the ground to permit the transporter to be moved. The stillage 20 has guide rails 21 provided with spring-loaded pins 22 for engaging holes in support rails (19) on the chassis for locking the stillage to the chassis. The cheeks 7 may have spring-loaded pins 23 for engaging holes in the jacks or rams 2 when the latter have been swung from their vertical operative position to the inoperative position shown in full lines. The jacks or rams 2 are operated by a pump driven from the engine of the transporter.




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