Improvements in or relating to fixing assemblies for use in corrosive conditions


1,138,790. Covers for screws. SOC. FINANCIERE ET INDUSTRIELLE DES ATELIERS ET CHANTIERS DE BRETAGNE. 4 July, 1967, No. 30733/67. Heading F2H. In an assembly in which two members 1, 2 are secured together by a screw or other fixing member 3, the head 5 of the screw or other fixing member is seated in a recess 7 in one of the members 2 and a protective cap 10 is fitted over the head and engaged in an annular socket formed between the head 5 and the adjacent side of the recess 7, a rubber gasket 12 being sandwiched between the head 5 and the rim of the cap. The cap 10 is secured to the head by an auxiliary screw 13 engaging a tapped central hole 15 in the head 5 which may be provided with a cruciform type slot formation 9. A locking tab 16 may be provided for the auxiliary screw 13, and to prevent relative rotation between the screw 3 and cap 10 and between the cap 10 and member 2 studs 17, 18 respectively may be provided. In an alternative embodiment (Fig. 3, not shown), the cap 10 is provided with a screwed member (22) engaging a slot (23) in the member 2 and the head (5) and cap (10) are non-circular in cross-section so that relative rotation between the cap and member and between the cap and head is prevented. The cap 10 may be of stainless steel.




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