1,138,735. Automatic tension control. SPETSIALNOE KONSTRUKTORSKOE BJURO PO PROEKTIROVANIJU KRASILNO - OTDELOCHNOGO OBORUDOVANIYA. April 27, 1965, No. 18474/66. Heading G3R. A unit for continuously processing a moving cord comprises stations at which the cord is successively impregnated, dried, calendered, and cooled whilst passing from one winder to another, a number of drawing mechanisms being each associated with an element for sensing the tension of the cord. Each sensing element comprises a roller over which the cord is drawn, the roller being mounted on springs which are linked with a synchro for transmitting signals to an electric motor driving the drawing mechanism. The signals from the synchros are passed to the motors through magnetic amplifiers and generators, whereby the speed is varied to bring the cord tension at the processing station to a value which is set from a central control panel. Any variation of tension at one processing station is followed by variations at all the subsequent stations these variations being corrected by the associated sensing elements.




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