A ball bearing and a method of making the same


1,137,313. Bearings. HILLSIDE METAL PRODUCTS Inc. 28 April, 1967, No. 19832/67. Heading F2A. [Also in Division B3] A method of making a ball bearing comprises forming an outer race member 31 from a blank of sheet metal, plastic or the like by drawing an annular flange having a radially inwardly facing surface 37 defining a central opening 38 in the outer race member, forming an inner race member 32 from a blank of sheet metal plastic or the like by drawing an annular wall having one end flared radially outwardly, positioning the race 32 within the race 31 to form an annular recess, placing a plurality of balls 33 in the recess and forming the upper ends of the raceways over the balls. The member 31 is made from a flat disc which is drawn firstly to a dome shape and in a further series of drawing steps to a flattened hat shape. An opening 43C is then made and the outer flange is drawn upwardly to form the periphery 36 of the race. The inner member 32 is also made from a flat disc in a series of drawing stages, the final stage being the provision of a conical recess 41 in the stem 40. The inner and outer raceways 34, 35 form an outwardly tapered opening (51) which is sufficiently large to receive the balls 33, Fig. 19 (not shown). In the final operation the upper ends of the raceways are formed to conform to the circumference of the balls.




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