Improvements in Brakes for Motor Cycles and the like.


113,631. Rigby, G. E. Jan. 22, 1917. Blocks and shoes.-In a rim brake for motorcycles and the like, the block 1 is connected by a pivot 8 to the operating lever 6 pivoted at 10 to the bracket 9 adjustably mounted on the belt or chain stays 15 and is guided so as to have a parallel movement by a stud 18 on the block adapted to slide in a slot 17 in the bracket 9. To permit of adjustment of the block to and from the rim, the bracket 9 is mounted on the stays 15 by a projection 12 having sliding engagement in a slot in a lug 14 fixed to the stays. The bracket is fixed in position by a set-screw 16. The fulcrum pin 10 may have an eccentric mounting in the bracket 9 to allow of adjustment. A flat spring (not shown) attached to the brake block between the side plates 2 thereof contacts with the heel 7 of the lever 6 and,tends to return the lever to normal position. In applying the brake, the block is first thrown forward at the lower part by the heel 7 engaging the spring so as to throw the stud 18 against a screw stop 19, and the block is then moved parallel to itself against the rim.




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