Coated non woven materials

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Freudenberg Carl
  • Publication Date: October 30, 1968
  • Publication Number: GB-1132349-A


1,132,349. Coated nonwoven materials. CARL FREUDENBERG. 29 Dec., 1965 [31 Dec., 1964], No. 55073/65. Heading B2E. A water absorbent and abrasion resistant chamois leather substitute is produced by bonding a water absorbent nonwoven material, before during or after bonding impregnating the material with an aqueous solution of water-soluble compound drying the material and then reducing the tendency of the surfaces of the material to fill by forming on both surfaces a porous binder layer by applying to them a coagulatable rubber latex and then coagulating the latex and vulcanizing the rubber and leaching the water soluble compound out of the material. The non-woven material may be bonded mechanically by needling or by impregnation with the binding agent, impregnation with the water soluble compound may be effected simultaneously with the binding agent. The binding agent may be applied by impregnating the nonwoven material with a dispersion of the binding agent in one or more impregnating operations and in which this dispersion in at least the final impregnating operation, or in the only impregnating operation if there is only one, contains a thickening agent. The coagulatable rubber latex may be applied in the form of a foam and may be a heat sensitive coagulatable latex and coagulation is caused by heating the impregnated material. In order for the latex to be heat sensitive, the latex includes a coagulant selected from polyvinyl methyl ether, polyoxypropylene glycol or a siloxane compound, the solubility of which in water decreases as the temperature of the water increases. Suitable rubber latex may be that of butadiene-acrylonitrile or - styrene copolymers. Specified non woven materials are fleeces of cotton, regenerated cellulose, and a mixture of cotton and ramie. The water soluble compound may be Glauber's Salt and/or urea.




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