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GB-1132291-A: Improvements in aluminium flake products patent, GB-1132349-A: Coated non woven materials patent, GB-1133461-A: Process of electroplating to obtain a black finish patent, GB-1133811-A: Improvements in recrystallization of yttrium vanadate luminescent materials patent, GB-113393-A: A New or Improved Furnace, more especially intended for the Treatment of Zinc. patent, GB-1133995-A: Improved point ball of ball point pens and method of manufacturing same patent, GB-1134044-A: Method for preparing a nonwoven fabric patent, GB-1134277-A: Thin film capacitors patent, GB-113505-A: patent, GB-1135116-A: Improvements in receptacle-forming machines patent, GB-1135248-A: Diaza-sila-cycloalkanes patent, GB-113631-A: Improvements in Brakes for Motor Cycles and the like. patent, GB-1137313-A: A ball bearing and a method of making the same patent, GB-1138144-A: Composite tube type heat exchangers patent, GB-1138166-A: Rotary air compressors patent, GB-1138735-A: Unit for controlling the speed of continuously moving fabric patent, GB-1138790-A: Improvements in or relating to fixing assemblies for use in corrosive conditions patent, GB-1138805-A: Process for preparation of 1-(2'-hydroxyethyl)-2-methyl-5-nitroimidazole patent, GB-1138831-A: Improvements in, or relating to, transporters for stillages and like load-carrying appliances patent, GB-1139484-A: Carton filling machines patent, GB-1140004-A: Glass fibre sizing compositions based on modified epoxy resins patent, GB-114027-A: Improvements in and connected with Brushes for Dynamo Electric Machinery. patent, GB-114032-A: Improvements in or relating to Tools or Jigs for use in the Erection of Cycles and the like. patent, GB-1140576-A: Improvements in or relating to fastening means patent, GB-114062-A: Dummy Practice Rifles. patent, GB-1142249-A: Improvements in or relating to the production of substituted s-triazines patent, GB-1142331-A: A process for producing 2-substituted-cyclopentane-1,3-diones patent, GB-1143953-A: Improvements in or relating to the surface treatment of concrete roads and the like patent, GB-114397-A: Improvements in Gas Wash Boxes. patent, GB-1144242-A: A method and apparatus for producing a tube bank consisting of a single meandering cross-rolled finned tube patent, GB-1144435-A: Method of and apparatus for opening film cartridges patent, GB-1145057-A: Insulated light transmitting panel improvement patent, GB-1145265-A: Methods of producing helicoids patent, GB-1145943-A: Stabilization of polymers patent, GB-1146309-A: Improvements in or relating to phototropic composition patent, GB-1146443-A: Impressed current protection of titanium or titanium alloy in acid aqueous solution patent, GB-1147193-A: Starting mechanism for internal combustion engines patent, GB-1150676-A: Method and Apparatus for Manufacturing Tightly Filled Bag Packages patent, GB-1150730-A: Improvements in Moderator Core Structures for Nuclear Reactors patent, GB-1151005-A: Organoaluminium Halide-Cobalt/Bisphosphine Complex Catalysts patent, GB-1151189-A: Mixtures containing Stabilized Silanes patent, GB-1151467-A: An Electric Motor and Associated Equipment for Rotating a Body patent, GB-1151557-A: Improvements in or relating to Electric Battery Lamps patent, GB-1151665-A: Novel Unsaturated Polyfluorinated Compounds patent, GB-1151896-A: Method for Combating Lungworm in Animals. patent, GB-1153491-A: Improvements in or relating to the Vulcanisation of Nitroso-Rubbers patent, GB-1153596-A: An Adhesive Bonded Structure patent, GB-1153928-A: Engine Testing Instrument Circuit patent, GB-1154205-A: Particle Precipitation from Gases patent, GB-1154290-A: Imidazole Derivatives, their preparation and compositions containing them patent, GB-1154496-A: Device for Supplying Livestock with Water or other Liquid patent, GB-1154514-A: New Process for Manufacturing Resins of the Polyimidazole Type patent, GB-1154708-A: Improvements in or relating to Fluid Control Valves patent, GB-1154983-A: Improved Cleaning Device for Window and Wall Surfaces patent, GB-1156049-A: Improvements in or relating to Fluid Torque Transmitters. patent, GB-1156157-A: Process for Preventing the Dusting of Primary Aromatic Carbocyclic Amines and of their Salts patent, GB-1157723-A: Transistor Deflection Control Arrangements for Television Equipment patent, GB-115780-A: Improvements in Combined Puzzle and Game Appliances. patent, GB-1158408-A: Automatic Chain-Controlled Pattern Changing Apparatus for Warp Knitting Machines patent, GB-1158867-A: Emulsion Paint patent, GB-1159138-A: R.F. Signal Phase-Modulator System patent, GB-1160080-A: Winning Apparatus for use in Mines patent, GB-1160210-A: Stabilization of Cellulose Derivatives patent, GB-1161847-A: Improvements in Riveting. patent, GB-1161908-A: Antibiotically Active Derivatives of Rifamycin S and Rifamycin SV and Process for their Manufacture patent, GB-1162068-A: Clothes Washer Machine patent, GB-1162582-A: Article Stacker patent, GB-1163193-A: Improvements in or relating to Apparatus for Automatically Computing Acoustic Noise Level patent, GB-1163254-A: Soap Plodding patent, GB-1163801-A: Improvements relating to Flap-Actuating Mechanisms for Aircraft patent, GB-1164579-A: Amino-Dibenz[b,f][[1,4]Oxazepine-11(10H)-Ones patent, GB-1165222-A: Process for Coating a Cellulosic Substrate with a Film-Forming Resin Composition patent, GB-1165439-A: Support for Floating Ground patent, GB-1165814-A: Improvements in Apparatus for Applying Mouldable Stiffening Material to Shoe Parts patent, GB-1166110-A: Substituted Thiocyano Pyrroles, Fungicidal preparations containing these Compounds as Active Ingredients and methods of using the same patent, GB-1166763-A: Electrical Connectors patent, GB-1167640-A: Brake for Linear Measuring Instrument patent, GB-1168105-A: Quinoline Derivatives patent, GB-1170347-A: Improvements in or relating to Underwater Liquid Storage Tanks patent, GB-1170512-A: Improvements in or relating to Hammering Machines patent, GB-1170694-A: Diepoxides and Moulding Compositions Based on them patent, GB-1171119-A: Microwave Absorption Element. patent, GB-1171296-A: A Mouldable Flocked Material and a Method of making same patent, GB-1171928-A: Automobile Battery Charger. patent, GB-1172241-A: Spray Nozzles patent, GB-1172671-A: Fluorescent Tube or Like Control Circuit. patent, GB-1172990-A: Cardiac Valve Prosthesis and Instrument for Mounting and Fixing it in Position patent, GB-1173486-A: Gelatin compositions. patent, GB-1173497-A: Improvements in or relating to Control Circuits for Thyristors. patent, GB-1173569-A: Ribbon Bow and Method of and Machine for Making the Same. patent, GB-1174314-A: A Dispensing Device for Gases Under Pressure. patent, GB-1174379-A: A Vehicle Seat. patent, GB-1174448-A: Water Soluble Sulfonium Compounds. patent, GB-1174465-A: Improvements in or relating to Luminaires. patent, GB-1174847-A: Improvements in or relating to Water Softening Apparatus patent, GB-1176303-A: Vehicle Conveyor patent, GB-1176349-A: Improvements in Rocket Motors patent, GB-1176948-A: Improvements in Extrusion Presses patent, GB-1177778-A: Copolymers of Vinyl Acetate patent, GB-1178183-A: Process of Printing Articles of Plastics Material patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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